Welcome to the 5Cities Homeless Coalition


Collaboration to End Homelessness


Our Vision: A Collaboration of Services

Planning how best to address the needs of the homeless in South San Luis Obispo County today involves many caring citizens and community leaders, and we are taking a step-by-step approach to meet the challenge.

First, we are providing programs to address gaps in the current network of services.

Second, with the help of grants, donations and service partners, we are collaborating to provide services to specific populations such as veterans and children.

Third, we are working to collect social service programs into one location to give our homeless neighbors better access to the breadth of services available to address their needs. This one-stop Community Services Center will offer resources to empower low income and homeless families and children to become self-sufficient and productive community members.

Our Mission

5Cities Homeless Coalition works to strengthen the south SLO County community by mobilizing resources, support, and hope for the homeless and those facing poverty.

Ending homelessness involves making sure people are healthy, well- nourished, and adequately prepared to find jobs – and that they have adequate housing available. 5CHC works with service-providing organizations, the faith community, service groups and community leaders to assess current services and opportunities for collaboration to provide for immediate needs (not currently being met) that lead toward self- sufficiency.

Efforts are targeted at working with homeless families in South County, in partnership with other service providers, to ensure these clients receive guidance to access appropriate benefits, know of and make use of community resources, such as food pantries and other services, and then provide them the additional resources that may be needed to re-house them. Oftentimes 5CHC provides limited short-term financial assistance as a first step in their path to stabilization, but always with the long view of self-sufficiency.

5CHC’s referral and client support services are heavily dependent on staff and volunteer time to make the connections needed to help families in crisis find immediate services and transition into stable housing if needed. 5CHC is bringing together strong community partners to collaborate on this project and the programs to address gaps in the current network of services..

The Challenge: the New Face of Homelessness…

There are approximately 3,500 people in San Luis Obispo County without permanent housing, more than 1/3 live in the South County. Additionally more than 900 children attending school are living in unstable home situations – either without a home, living in a car, living doubled up or “couch surfing.”   The number of families becoming homeless has dramatically increased in recent years, in large part due to the economic crisis and rising housing costs locally.  Click here  for additional information on the challenges of homelessness in our county.