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The solution to homelessness is not just a roof

Donate to 5CHC

KVEC Pajama DriveThe Coalition’s mission to help those who are homeless or facing homelessness incorporates three pillars: resources, support and hope. Each is key to improving the personal well-being of our clients as well as strengthening our broader community.

Reaching for a goal of preventing homelessness in the first place, the work of the Coalition specifically addresses how lack of financial stability is a determinant of homelessness and contributes to multi-generational homelessness. Our work recognizes the need for client-centered strategies with different responses for different levels of need and different groups, targeting resources to the specific individual or household. Homelessness comes at great personal and community cost.

Thanksgiving Meal KitsOn a personal level, living without a home can have a life-changing impact on personal health, well-being and safety; and it is especially detrimental to child learning. Without a stable and consistent place to call home, the learning outcomes for children are severely affected. Looking to our community’s future, homeless children and youth are of particular concern to the Coalition

You Can Also Mail Your Donation to 5Cities Homeless Coalition!

Make payable to:

5Cities Homeless Coalition
P.O. Box 558
Grover Beach, CA  93483