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5CHC Services During Covid

5CHC Services During Covid

Office Closed To Walk-In Service

Phone:  805-574-1638

5CHC is currently open to telephone calls for assistance, Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., please dial 805-574-1638.  Additionally those seeking assistance may email 5CHC at [email protected].  

5CHC's office is closed to the public, except for those clients who already receive mail through 5CHC. 

COUNTYWIDE HOUSING SUPPORT: 5CHC is working to provide support with rental and deposit assistance, with case management, for those who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness (depending on eligibility) throughout San Luis Obispo County. In order to provide rental or deposit assistance, 5CHC is required to determine eligibility be reviewing all necessary documentation (as detailed below). 

Prior to requesting assistance, please gather all necessary documentation, which will assist 5CHC in expediting your request for support.

For anyone unable to provide the requested documentation, contact 5CHC for guidance regarding other community resources that may be available. 

SOUTH COUNTY SPECIFIC SERVICES: Additionally, 5CHC provides services, support for immediate needs, and case management for those who are homeless and living in South County.  Please note, there is no emergency shelter available in South County other than a winter warming center that opens only on cold and rainy nights (November to March).  

Documents needed for requests with housing assistance (rent, deposit, etc.)

  • Photo Identification for ALL adults in household
  • Social Security for ALL in household
  • Birth Certificate for ALL Minors in Household
  • Income for Verification for all Adults in Household (Most recent 3 consecutive months)
    • Employment - Pay Stubs
    • Social Security Benefits – Survivor, Disability, Retirement Award Letter
    • DSS Cash Aid/General Assistance – Award Letter
    • Child/Spousal Support
    • State Unemployment
    • State Disability
    • Worker’s Compensation
  • Letter from Employer Re Lay-Off Due to COVID (if applicable)
  • Rental Agreement – sublet and room rentals do not qualify
  • 3 Day Pay or Quit Notice (if for homeless prevention)
  • Eviction Notice (If applicable)
  • Bank Statements for prior 3 months