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Urgent Call To Action: We Need Your Voice!

Urgent Call To Action: We Need Your Voice!

The SLO County Board of Supervisors will be voting next Tuesday, April 23 on a recommendation for homeless services throughout San Luis Obispo County (including South County).  

We need you to voice your support, no later than Thursday, April 18, for the recommendation made by the Housing Services and Oversight Council (HSOC) that includes $2.6 million in funding for a permanent location in South County for 5Cities Homeless Coalition programs and services.

We need your voice now, today, to help secure the future of 5CHC services to our community.

This is an urgent and immediate need! Please help us by taking one – or two, or three – of the following actions:


Send a letter of support via email no later than Thursday, April 18to all members of the Board of Supervisors: [email protected]

HEAP Funding at the April 23rd Board of Supervisors Meeting

Suggested Opening Sentence:
I am writing in support of the April 3rd Housing Services Oversight Council’s recommendation for $4.5 million in HEAP funding, specifically the $2.6 million in funding for a permanent home for 5CHC’s South County Housing Navigation Center.

Explain Why You Support It:
(Examples – use any or all of these or supply your own)

The HSOC recommendation provides a unique opportunity to assist residents and provide homeless services and housing options countywide.

The HSOC recommendation represents the first investment in the South County that is large enough to really make a difference.

The funds will expand permanent supportive permanent housing, which South County desperately needs.

The funds will help address the rapidly increasing homeless youth population throughout the County.
Suggested Closing:
I urge you to approve the recommendation for HEAP Funding as submitted by HSOC. It is fair and it is right for our County.


Attend the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 23 and lend your voice in support of the recommendation. The item is scheduled for discussion shortly after the start of the meeting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, April 23. The meeting agenda is posted online now.


Ask your friends, family members and others you know to do the same.

Please be sure to focus your support on the HSOC recommendation as submitted, and applaud that it addresses the issues of homelessness throughout SLO County. For more information, please click on these link(s):

Friends have also started an online petition,
Solve Homelessness Countywide,"
if you'd like to sign.

Thank you for recognizing the important work we are doing for our South County communities!